eToro Review

eToro is one of the largest Forex dealers in Canada, with many thousands of customers. The Forex broker offers outstanding customer service, an outstanding software platform and lucrative promotions. Each eToro account comes with a practice account using real time rates for the purpose of test driving the account to determine if it is the platform for you.

eToro also offers one on one trading sessions and a personal training coach to help the trader get their account up and running and headed in the right direction. There is also around the clock customer support by telephone or online live chat. The support staff is ready to answer questions and solve user problems in an effective and efficient manner.

The platform is streamlined to make its use easy and its user friendliness shortens up the learning curve considerably. The layout of the trading screen is logical and well labeled with drop down menus to make navigation quick. The demonstration account will showcase the platform and users will see how easy the program is to use.

An added incentive from eToro is a sign up bonus of $10,000 to use in any trade. In addition to Forex trades, eToro offers traders the ability to trade gold and silver, oil, indices, stocks and a variety of other options. eToro also allows margin calls and leveraged trades.

eToro offers a training academy with a wide range of learning tools. The information helps traders to learn Forex and what it is all about. The learning center is loaded with webinars and learning guides and videos that demonstrate step by step the execution of a trade. The available help will assist traders to build a portfolio that is lucrative by developing strategy that is effective.

The simplicity of the eToro platform is one of the reasons the program and the traders that use it is successful. The platform is flexible and available for home use and traders on the go with its mobile application. eToro also utilizes social trading allowing all traders to connect and compare notes, exchange strategies and give and take advice.

The best advantage eToro offers is the traders have the ability to learn from each other, copy others traders and follow others trading moves. It provides a win win situation for all. Traders can be as successful as they want and eToro continues to attract clients and build up their base of highly knowledgable traders.